For those who want access to exclusive content

With a free Exodox account, you have access to all kinds of content offered by connected media worldwide.

Expand your views, learn more, explore and share exciting news.

No more subscriptions

With an Exodox account you can choose to buy access to one-off content on the web without having to create multiple accounts or start different subscriptions.

Small one-time payments,
whenever you want

Exodox offers those who publish content online the opportunity to give you, as a consumer, access to their content at a low cost. It can be anything from SEK 2 and upwards.

No fixed fees

You only pay for your actual use, i.e. one charge per click. If you do not use your account, there is no charge.

Access to online media around the world

You only need to register once. Once you have created your account, you will be able to easily click and unlock different links for all connected media around the world. Just look for this symbol:

Safe and easy payment

The sum of your purchases will automatically be deducted from your account once a month, in a similar way to Netflix and Spotify, for example. Your purchases are managed by Exodox through QuickPay: a payment service certified by the PCI Security Standards Council. This means that your card details are encrypted with the highest level of banking security.

Access to your account

When you want to log in to your account, you can see what purchases you have made and how much you have spent. Here you can also change your password and set a monthly limit for your purchases.

Easy to get started

Creating an Exodox account is easy and only takes a few minutes. You can then pay for global access to the content that interests you, and at your convenience. If you don't make any purchases then you don't pay anything either.

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