A simple, free of charge service

Whether you want access to exclusive content or to publish your own content – or both – Exodox is easy to use. Creating a free account does not take more than a couple of minutes. Below you can see what your account offers you.

My links

Here you can create links to your content to share as a publisher. You can lock access to your content, choose a price and how long the link should be available for. You can also get an overview of all the links you have added. For those that buy access to content you can see all the links you have bought and can recommend them to others.

My stats

My stats gives you the opportunity to follow what you are selling and buying. The stats module will be available soon.

My money

Under My money you can track in detail what you have earned and what you have paid. All information is broken down by link and date.

My profile

You always have access to your account, where you can update and change your personal information, language choices and more.

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