More and more people are asking for one-off payments on the web as an alternative option to subscriptions and memberships

In a recent survey regarding payment services on the web, 95.2 percent responded that they had at some point tried to access a web-link that was locked for subscribers only, behind a so-called paywall. Of these, 3 out of 4 chose to leave the page without starting a subscription. Had they instead been given the option to unlock the link with a smaller one-off payment, 72 percent would have chosen this.

The survey was carried out by Exodox Factory, which is responsible for the new service Exodox. Exodox offers web publishers and content creators the opportunity to charge for access to their selected premium content. At the same time, consumers are offered a simple and safe solution to purchase access without having to start a subscription.

The survey confirms a long existed demand. Web consumers are expecting to choose for themselves what content they want to be able to access, without having to start subscriptions or memberships on every site they visit, says Katarina Svensson, CEO of Exodox.

The survey further shows that almost half of the respondents, 45.7 percent, prefer the possibility of combining subscriptions with one-off payments. Regarding one-off payments, 90 percent of consumers said they are willing to spend everything between SEK 1 and 200 (approx. €20 or £20) in total on individual purchases each month. 67 percent said they are willing to spend the same amount on subscriptions each month.

This shows that one does not exclude the other. However, as a publisher or content creator, there is a greater risk of losing many potential customers and readers when not offering alternatives to subscriptions and memberships. One-off payments can appeal to new customers in addition to the subscribers, says Katarina.

Exodox survey has also investigated whether consumers prefer only one account to access content from multiple websites or if they prefer to create different accounts. 3 out of 4 (72 percent) preferred to have only one account.

Today, as we consume more and more on the web, it becomes difficult and time-consuming to constantly have to create new accounts and remember passwords. And in addition to this, having to add credit card details or receive invoices from several different companies can be perceived as a security risk. With only one account, many of these problems are eliminated, which simplifies the buying process for the consumer, Katarina concludes.

The survey regarding payments on the web was conducted online in March and April 2020 where 293 people participated.

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