New unique service: One-off payments for web content and paywalls

More and more services and knowledge are being offered and shared digitally through various mediums – websites, blogs, webzines, online newspapers, live broadcasts and webinars. So far, this has either been offered for free or through some form of subscription service. Now, the Swedish company Exodox is launching a unique solution that has created a new opportunity in the digital world – flexible one-off payments that makes it easier for both publishers and consumers.

Today, there are many different payment solutions on the web, but a secure, global one-off payment service that provides access to a wide array of web content has been long overdue. We are proud to introduce the launch of Exodox – a unique one-off payment solution that is easy for both web publishers and consumers to use.

The idea behind Exodox is to offer the opportunity to use so-called micropayments. We are all used to paywalls on the web that require you to start a subscription to access the content. Now Exodox is offering an alternative option, where the consumer can instead choose to make a one-off payment, says Katarina Svensson, CEO of Exodox.

Having an Exodox account is completely free and without any binding periods for both web publishers and consumers.

We have chosen a payment model that is risk-free for both the publicist and the consumer. For the consumer, a cost only arises when you choose to unlock access to specific content. The web publicist can freely use Exodox to lock different links, and it is only when a consumer pays for access that a small commission is paid. The rest of the income goes to the publicist, Katarina explains.

So why should you use Exodox as a web publisher or content creator?

There are many benefits! It is an opportunity to be rewarded for your work, to receive income for ones’ creativity. Today, many rely on advertising, sponsorship and perhaps some form of subscription or membership. With Exodox, an option is offered that can appeal to a wider target group, and increase the number of followers and readers, Katarina says.

One of the great advantages of Exodox is that consumers only need to create an account. Then you can easily and quickly make purchases on all connected websites, around the world.

It will be safer and more flexible for consumers. You can still have subscriptions and membership, but in addition you can choose to make one-off payments on other sites in those cases where it better suits you. This, in turn, also benefits the publicists who can reach new target groups. It is a win-win solution for both parties, Katarina says.

Exodox has been developed over the past year and underwent extensive pilot tests in the spring.

WordPress has a market share of around 60 percent of the global CMS market, and is appreciated by many as it is a simple and flexible tool. That's why it was logical to first launch Exodox here, but we plan to offer a tool-independent solution very soon, Katarina concludes.

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