Exodox is now available as a plugin for WordPress

Now anyone using WordPress can start locking links and earning money from their own content! All you have to do is create a free Exodox account and then download and install the Exodox plugin from Wordpress. It is so simple!

Exodox is a unique service for bloggers or those publishing on the web, and gives you the opportunity to make money from your web content:

  • Bloggers can get paid for their creativity as a complement to advertising and sponsorships.
  • News sites and webzines can attract new customers through one-off payments as an alternative to subscriptions.
  • Non-profit sites and associations can, for example, publish interviews, videos, meetings and competitions which are easily unlocked through a simple purchase.

The benefits are many:

  • Both you and your readers avoid starting fees, fixed fees, subscriptions, membership and binding periods.
  • The service is free to use. If you don’t sell anything, you have not lost anything. When you do sell, only a small commission is deducted. The rest of the profit is yours.
  • You decide which posts and pages you want to lock, the price you want to set and how long your readers should have access to the links.
  • Your readers only pay for the specific links they choose to unlock.
  • The solution is secure and uses the QuickPay payment service, which is certified by PCI Security Standards Council. This means that all card information is handled with the highest encryption banking security level, PCI DSS, Level 1.

Click here to create your Exodox account.

Click here download the Exodox plugin on WordPress.

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