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Tjäna pengar på webben till klubben!

Nyfiken på fler möjligheter än att sälja salamis och sockar? Nu kan din klubb eller förening öka inkomsterna genom att använda Exodox webbtjänst. Du låser snabbt och enkelt utvalt premium-innehåll på er webbplats – som följare och supporters kan låsa upp för en liten slant!

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Unleash your creativity in the fight against cancer

Team up with us at Exodox to support the fight against cancer. In October, we will donate 50 percent of our profits to the important cancer research - and we hope you want to be part of our campaign!

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More and more people are asking for one-off payments on the web as an alternative to subscriptions

In a survey regarding payments on the web, 95.2 percent responded that they had at some point tried to access a web link that was locked for subscribers only. Of these, 3 out of 4 chose to leave the page without starting a subscription. Had they instead been given the option to unlock the link with a smaller one-off payment, 72 percent would have chosen this.

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Exodox is now available as a plugin for WordPress

Now anyone using WordPress can start locking links and earning money from their own content! All you have to do is create a free Exodox account and then download and install the Exodox plugin from Wordpress. It’s simple!

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New unique service: one-off payments for web content

More and more services are being offered digitally through websites, blogs, webzines, online newspapers, live broadcasts and webinars. So far, this has either been offered for free or through some form of subscription. Now, Exodox is launching a unique solution that creates a new opportunity within the digital world - flexible one-off payments that make it easier for both publishers and consumers.

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