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Now you can be rewarded for your exclusive web content!

Everything from articles and movie clips to pictures, tips and advice, poems and much more.

Open your free Exodox account now and create your first payable link!

Be rewarded for your creations

With Exodox, your readers and followers can pay to access your exclusive web content. It gives them an opportunity to show appreciation for your commitment whilst giving you a chance to prioritise and spend more time on your creativity.

Reach new consumers!

When you offer more exclusive online content in addition to your regular online activities (eg blog, newspaper, fan-site) there is an opportunity to reach more readers and new audiences.

We help you get started!

Exodox is easy to use and administer. When you create your account you get access to a step-by-step guide. In just a few minutes you will have created your first payable link!

Create Promote Be rewarded
Create Promote Be rewarded

You decide!

You choose which links you want to add and how often.

You select the price you want to charge for access to each link.

You decide how long your readers can have access to a paid link at a certain price.

Simple without complicated technology

Statistics from your sales

You can log into your Exodox account at any time to see how your links are selling. Statistics are a good way of seeing how you could make adjustments to improve sales, such as altering the price of your link. The My stats module will be launched soon.

Free of charge and risk-free

An Exodox account is completely free of charge and without any minimum contract. In other words, you do not pay running costs, to have an account nor for your payments, which means that your use of Exodox is completely risk-free. If you, for any reason, do not sell any content, you do not lose anything either. When you sell access to a link, Exodox keeps a small part of the price for continous marketing and development of the service.

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