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My blog is a personal blog. I invite my readers into my everyday life and write about things that happen. I find it important to offer my readers variation and to try and create content that would be interesting to them. With Exodox, my readers can choose to unlock my selected content for a small one-off payment. If they would rather read my usual content, they can still continue to do so for free.

Anita Birgitta Lindholm

“Added value for all our bloggers”

Our blog portal BlogBiz places a lot of focus on helping our bloggers with optimisation so that they can increase their rankings on Google and be able to financially support themselves through what they create. Exodox offers our bloggers an optional opportunity to make extra money in addition to traditional sources of income such as advertising and partnerships. Exodox is also a good supplement in the fact that it is completely free to use – you don't lose anything from trying it out.

Anne Von Porat

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An Exodox account is completely free of charge and without any binding period. In other words, you do not pay any running costs or for having an account.

As a publisher it means that your use of Exodox is completely risk-free. If you, for some reason, do not sell any content, you do not lose anything either.

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As a consumer you will only pay once you choose to unlock a link to content. If you don’t buy anything, you’re not paying anything!

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